21st Birthday at Sky City

21st Birthday 1
Birthday boy DJ Cruz had chosen for his birthday venue The Red Room, a private function room at Sky City, and chosen Freestyle Event Photography as his photographers. There seemed to be a bit of a red theme going on …
21st Birthday 2
We photographed the speeches, with DJ countering with a wide smile any attempts at embarrassing him with stories from his past.
21st Birthday 3
With finger food, an open bar and music for entertainment (though not much dancing), the atmosphere amongst the guests was relaxed, and the birthday scenes we photographed included many of people sitting and chatting or posing for the camera in tight-knit groups of friends.

Photographing a Science Conference

This year we were commissioned to photograph the Interface Science conference for Tech Week in New Zealand. Speakers from various research and innovation groups spoke on a podium. The key organisations were the MacDiarmid Institute and The Dodd-walls Centre, leading New Zealand research groups. For us, as photographers, we get the benefit of a paid contract as well as being able to dip into other fields and listen to fascinating lectures and presentations.

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One of the exciting things we get to do is photography for magazines, especially those magazines that want something a little more creative and arty. It gives us a chance to push the boundaries and experiment a little. In this instance we photographed a number of leading architects and designers for M2 Man Magazine for a 7 page spread they were doing. The photography took place in the studio of one of the architects so we had to improvise quite a bit to get the look and feel we were after. The creative director wantes something moody and dramatic.

It’s a constant challenge for photographers, where we are suddenly placed in a situation and have to find a way to make it work. But this also lends itself to creative photography that comes precisely because it is unplanned.  Continue reading “PHOTOGRAPHING LEADING ARCHITECTS FOR M2 Man MAGAZINE”



Freestyle Event Photography were recently awarded approved vendor status for Auckland Council. It means that our company and our performance have been vetted by Council, and that our legal and financial status is up to standard. So now we are able to be considered for all upcoming photography projects that council have. This is a very exciting milestone for Freestyle. We are delighted.


Our first assignment for Auckland Council asked was to photograph the ANZAC day events located in Mt Albert and Mt Roskill. In attendance at the Mr Albert event where young cadets, old veterans and our Prime Minister, Jacinda Adern.   Continue reading “ANZAC DAY EVENT PHOTOGRPAHY”


M2 Magazine
Villa Maria CEO Sir George Fistonich

We are often asked to do magazine photography. In this instance, M2 Magazine asked us to photograph Sir George Fistonich, founder of Villa Maria Wines. I didn’t want to take Sir George in what would be a predictable shoot – stand between grape vines. Rather I went for a cleaner look. When shooting for magazines, it pays to consider layout and where type might go.  Continue reading “PHOTOGRAPHING SIR GEORGE FISTONICH”

Choice Kids Christmas Party Photography

Choice Kids Photoshoot 1

Freestyle Event Photography were the official photographers for the ChoiceKids Christmas Party. ChoiceKids provides a fun, safe and educational environment where children will be cared for and valued. Our approach to the photography was more akin to street photography, where we roamed around the area, trying to stay in the background, then picking a decisive moment to photograph.

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Northpower Christmas Party Photography

Northpower Christmas Photoshoot 1

One of our regular clients, Nothpower, had their Christmas party at the Vector Arena in Manukau City. This year, guests came with a masquerade mask, which added wonderfully to the atmosphere. As photographers we always enjoy mixing and mingling with the people, getting them to pose and having a laugh with them. The event had a prize giving and a performance by a magician. The company speakers presented a culture of caring about people and family and it was great to see such a diverse group of people interacting as friends. We felt like we were part of a community.

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