Photographing a Corporate Networking Event

Corporate Networking Event Photography 1

Photographing a corporate networking event takes a particular set of skills as it involves capturing photos of people looking good, in action, and without getting in anybody’s way during the event. We have honed these skills over the past few years to become leaders in the game of event photography.

Here is a selection of networking shots for a few of our clients, including Global Talent, Squash New Zealand, and Abergeldie.

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Photographing a Science Conference

This year we were commissioned to photograph the Interface Science conference for Tech Week in New Zealand. Speakers from various research and innovation groups spoke on a podium. The key organisations were the MacDiarmid Institute and The Dodd-walls Centre, leading New Zealand research groups. For us, as photographers, we get the benefit of a paid contract as well as being able to dip into other fields and listen to fascinating lectures and presentations.

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One of the exciting things we get to do is photography for magazines, especially those magazines that want something a little more creative and arty. It gives us a chance to push the boundaries and experiment a little. In this instance we photographed a number of leading architects and designers for M2 Man Magazine for a 7 page spread they were doing. The photography took place in the studio of one of the architects so we had to improvise quite a bit to get the look and feel we were after. The creative director wantes something moody and dramatic.

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