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Freestyle Event Photography are a team of professional photographers specialising in corporate event photography and portrait photography.

Our event photographers are skilled in capturing important moments for social media, PR and marketing. After years of experience photographing major corporates across the country, we know exactly what images you need.

Auckland Portrait Photography

Our portrait photographers have undergone training to ensure we bring out the best in people. Our style combines photojournalism and fashion modelling to produce the right look for your portrait profile.

If you have any questions about our Auckland event photography or corporate headshots, please feel free to contact us.

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Read what people say about our event photography

A big huge THANK YOU to you and Rouan for your support at the event
yesterday. 😊

You guys are amazing and generous as always.

Maria Mariotti
Honohono Tātou Katoa

Many thanks, Rouan, for sending through our images. These look great.

Ida Laino

Thanks Rouan – photos look great.

Lydia Brynildsen

Pleasure working with you and Jasmin again this year, thanks for the quick turnaround on the photos! 😊

KP Lew

NZ Rugby Foundation has used Rouan for the last few years. [He] was wonderful to deal with, the pictures were great and will be used on our website and annual report. He was very prompt and organised our group shots very well … Will continue to use him again, as the ease of organizing and the timely manner of which the shots were delivered is great.

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Thanks so much for the awesome pics!!

Kavya Thorburn

Thank you so so much!! The photos are fantastic, I am so thankful for your amazing service!😊


Thank you for the photos they are great.

Amanda Denholm

The photographer who came [Chris] was amazing … excellent … He really fit into the party.

Tony Taufa

Thank you very much for your work on Wednesday night. We have had great feedback for the photos. You did an awesome job. Also thank you for hanging around a little longer than planned.

Hannah-Rose Luskie

They are fabulous photos!

Thank you very much – you really captured the atmosphere of the event and the quality of the photos is superb.

Jane Power

Please pass on our appreciation to Chris. Good to have him back again. Made it feel a little more family like 😊

Darren Howlin

Thank you for the beautiful photos. They all look amazing.

Jocelyn Naden

Thank you for your assistance on Saturday, the photos look fantastic!

Erica Williams
New Zealand Defence Force

Many thanks for all your efforts on-site, you and your team were a pleasure to deal with 😊

Rachael Frater

Thank you for the pictures. They are amazing.

Moumita Subuddhi

Thanks very much for coming – it was lovely to meet you! The photos are great!

Sam Shanks

Chris and Rouan were super supportive for our company event as well as the corporate headshot. The photos looked wonderful, and the return time was beyond our expectation. All services come with a reasonable and competitive rate.

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Just wanted to let you know that I am very happy with the photos . . . thank you so so much. Appreciate the brilliant job that you have done.

Ranji Prakash

Thank you so much for the photo’s, they are great!

You were very accommodating for the night, and we really appreciate your service.

Kerri Clark

Photos look great, thanks for your help!

It was a pleasure to get to work with your team again, thanks for such a quick turnaround on this and the great photos!

KP Lew

Thank you so much, the pictures are great!

Caoimhe O'Kane

Many thanks for the excellent photos and for sharing it all so promptly. Chris was lovely to have.

Artem Piatine

We appreciate your work, and the photos are excellent!

Janaina Aguiar

Thank you so much – these photos are wonderful!

Brenna Yüksel

The photos look fantastic! Thank you for capturing a great event.

Lisa McEnally

Thankyou, the photos are excellent!

Cushla Gray

Thanks so much! It was great working with you once again.

Nonny Klaile

Amazing, thanks so much! Loving the photos.

Kayla Brunton

Thank you so much for coming along to the 21st on Thursday and taking the photos. Appreciate the quick turn around and great shots of the night. Glad we got some extras of the staff too, that was great.

Bryar Stewart

It was a pleasure to have Rouan take photos for my 21st birthday event! The photo’s turned out amazing quality and Rouan did not hesitate to listen to our ideas and take photos how we preferred! He was great, thank you for your amazing service on the night Rouan 🙂

Sindi Kumar

The images are awesome thank you!

Mathieu Nissen

Thank you Chris for taking the pictures of our graduation and staff function. Also, thank you for your engagement with our students and staff to make sure everybody was in the photo! I know it was a very big group to handle but you definitely showed skill! Thanks a mill 🙂

Melissa Walsh

Thank you very much for sending these through so efficiently. It was lovely to meet you on Thursday.

Thank you so much for coming yesterday for the shoot and the quick turnaround time. . . . We really appreciate your work.

Thank you so much for sending the photos through. They are great.

Catrina Isiah

The photos look great and it was a pleasure to work with you.

Simone Boniface

[Our staff] were very impressed with your professionalism on the day.

Photos are all high quality, vibrant, gorgeous! Thank you so much!

Lydia Thomas

Thank you for this – overall really smitten with how it has turned out . . . really appreciate the quick turnaround.

Idris Jones

Thanks so much, the photographer was great he was so kind!

Madison Skates

Thank you for the photos! You have managed to do a very comprehensive coverage of what was happening at the event, with some great “in action” shots, with good context, and very many pleasing group shots as well.

Sunday Blessings

Thanks for Saturday. Chris was awesome.

Brendan Hurrell
McCarthy Group

The photos are amazing.

Thanks so much! The photos look great!

August Wairau

Thank you so much for your great work and professionalism.

Susanne Cooke

Rouan was really getting amongst the action yesterday. He was great. Can’t wait to see the pics!

Vince Patena

I hired Chris to photograph an event at Milford Shopping Centre. I was very impressed by the level of customer service and the quality of the images I received. Chris had great initiative and was very adaptable on the day. I’ll definitely be using Freestyle Photography again in future.

Thank you for everything last night, you did a great job at getting around everyone and it was great to have you there.

Deanna Forsyth

You’ve done an amazing job! We’ve just been looking at these and having a right old laugh at ourselves.

Thank you so much for getting the shots we needed to promote this event next year.

Vince Patena

Thanks for the pictures, they look great and people will be really happy.

Pierre Fernandes

Thank you very much for taking such great photos that reflect the event well, and for being understanding when I had to call you back to take more.

Katie van der Haas

We all loved the photos. Thanks. I am going to get a book. The big book, my Mum wants to have hard copies in her hands. We did go through to try and choose what ones but in fact between us all we liked nearly all of them.

Viv Jamieson

What brilliant work, very professional. We appreciate you giving a personal touch to the work you do. Great job and well done Jasmin and Chris. Keep it up.

Umesh Thakur

We have used Chris and Jasmin for a number of our events. They get right in with the action, mixing easily with people to make sure they capture those special moments. It’s always a pleasure to work with them.

The professionalism of Freestyle Event Photography was evident in the way they captured the atmosphere of the day and the enjoyment of participants while remaining very much in the background and largely unnoticed.

April Glenday
Love Your Mountain Day

Great photos Chris, not only for their composition but the neighbourly approach taken to their capture.

Mik Smelly

Thank you both again for your support and attendance on Sunday – the images are fantastic!

Alison Barnes

Chris and Jasmin took care of the whole photography event. I could see them everywhere taking photos. The images were great!

Mii Jessie

Huge thanks to Chris of Freestyle Event Photography for his superb capturing of The Art of Remembrance WWI Commemorative event. The images are superb and will ensure that this moment in time lives on through time.

Paul Bargawanath

Yes, got the images. They look great!! Thank you for your great work.

Jared Pederson

Thanks for the fantastic service, I will treasure the photos, you’ve preserved Rosemary’s image the way I remember her.

I just wanted to drop you both an email thanking you for making everything happen for my event and my client. My client was very happy with the photos and also how quickly everything was processed.

Eshian Teo

The pictures are very lovely, I don’t know if this is Rhea’s gorgeousness or Chris and your skills to enhance her beauty but it was worth all the efforts to create a wonderful memory to last our lifetime. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job!

Menaka Mahajan

There is no better way to secure an everlasting memory other than a photograph and we now have some amazing ones taken by Chris & Jasmin from Freestyle Event Photography at our recent WDL conference held in Auckland at the Crowne Plaza.

These photos are adorable! It was such a lovely experience, and great to meet you both. Photoshoots are either wonderful, or dreadful (there seems to be no in-between) so thank you making it wonderful!!

Michele A'Court

Thanks so much for your time the other day, we all enjoyed the experience and the photos look great. I believe my sister will be using your services soon too.

Shrav Chandra
Graduate, Bachelor of Commerce

Chris and Jasmin were easy to work with, making people feel comfortable while they took great photos, and got them to us quickly for media releases.

Chris and Jasmin captured my moments of happiness perfectly and naturally through their lenses. I coudn’t have asked for any better photographers. Keep up the great work!

Sakina Ewazi
Graduate, Visual Arts

I would like to congratulate you on the wonderful photo you took of my two grandchildren. It is a formal picture yet with a hint of humour. I love it. You are very talented. Best wishes.

Larry Pope

Love your work, have been scrolling through the pics this afternoon – they are great!

The final product – brilliant in so many ways. Beautiful candid shots of dear friends who Jasmin and Chris captured so perceptively that you’d have thought they knew them individually. The photos were artistic and beautifully edited. To say that we are over-the-moon with their service is no over-statement.

Barbara Burns

Thank you! These look fantastic. A great selection for us to use tomorrow. I really appreciate you working into the night to send these across. Our General Manager will be very impressed and grateful too.Thank you again and I look forward to seeing the other great photos later this week.

Gareth Trickey

Thanks for this link, no problem with the download. You and Jasmin were excellent and the photos look lovely.

Louise Baldock

Many thanks to you for the photography you did at our two Site Openings. The photos were terrific, a great variety, and very easy to access in the way you sent them through.

We recently used the Freestyle Event Photography team to cover an important client launch for Auckland media. They were a pleasure to work with, professional, easy going and with a fast delivery of content.

Maddy Cooper

Thanks very much for this. It was great working with you, a really easy process.

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