Graduation Photography

NZIE Graduation 2024 002

Graduations are such important occasions for the students who have completed their studies, and for their families and friends, and it’s our job at Freestyle Event Photography to capture those very special moments when the diplomas are being handed over. It’s a pleasure to take photos of people who look so pleased and happy, and we appreciate those presenters standing alongside, managing to look enthusiastic all the way through the ceremony!

NZIE Graduation 2024 127

Aside from the formal portraits, the attendees at the NZIE 2024 graduation on May 30 made good use of their Instagram frame. We were able to take many group shots with family and friends as well. We also thought the lovely bouquets deserved to be photographed, both on their own and with their recipients.

NZIE Graduation 2024 062

When your subjects are looking straight at the camera and naturally have smiles on their faces, it makes the photographer’s job much easier. We did manage to get a good range of candid shots, including people mixing and mingling, as well as the speeches, where there’s a bit of an art to achieving a good image of someone’s face when they’re talking – and that goes for singing as well. We also strive to convey something of the energy of music and dance performances.