M2 Magazine
Villa Maria CEO Sir George Fistonich

We are often asked to do magazine photography. In this instance, M2 Magazine asked us to photograph Sir George Fistonich, founder of Villa Maria Wines. I didn’t want to take Sir George in what would be a predictable shoot – stand between grape vines. Rather I went for a cleaner look. When shooting for magazines, it pays to consider layout and where type might go. 

Sir George Fistonich
Photographing Sir George Fistonich

One of the shots has a classic one third, two thirds composition, which allows an area in the image for type, perhaps the title for the article, to be superimposed over the top. Andre Rowell, editor of M2 Magazine had a fascinating interview with Sir George. Be sure to get the new issue of M2 to read about it. Magazine photography needs excellent quality imagery so I tend to use only prime lenses for this work – either a 50mm or 85mm which gives a good perspective for portraits and also excellent blur in the background.