Medicine has come a long way from one hundred years ago. Then, humans lived to around 35 years. Today, we reach in NZ 82 years. This gives us so much more living – in a sense we live two complete lives. Medicine is one critical factor in giving us longevity.

So when we were asked to photograph the annual conference forĀ the Australasian Society for Ultrasound in Medicine in Sky City I was particularly fascinated to see what the latest innovations were. And most of this came in the area of AI (artificial intelligence) where so much ‘thinking’ and diagnosis is be done by computers. The event was held over three days and included a dinner at Mikano Restaurant and a final closing ceremony at the Auckland Museum. The conference had one Sky City hall dedicated to the latest equipment innovations. Other halls had speakers presenting the latest research and then using patient ‘models’ proceeded to give examples of how to use the equipment. It was a truly, amazing event.