Photographing a Mobile App in Action

Mobile App Photography 1

Today, the creation of new apps is an almost daily occurrence. Once an app is created, it’s all about getting it into the marketplace and, especially for workplace apps, educating users on how to interact with it.

Mobile App Photography 2

Freestyle Event Photography was asked to photograph an app training event for Tradeserve, who were demonstrating the app to the staff of Independent Cellar Services.

Mobile App Photography 3

Mobile app photography involves a number of unique challenges. Photographing screens requires special precaution due to the possibility of reflections and fingerprints, and photographing a group means finding an angle that captures the action without anyone blocking the photographer’s view (and without the photographer getting in the way!).

Mobile App Photography 4

Sometimes it’s necessary to stage manage a specific shot, and although at the time this may feel a little orchestrated, our photographers are experienced at making the end result look very natural.

These same skills are required for photographing many other kinds of demos and training sessions. If you have a training session you need photographed click here.