21st Birthday Photography

21st photography twenty one posed photo with balloons

The 21st birthday is often called the ‘coming of age’ birthday. The origins of this special celebration are said to date back to medieval times. Until 1970, 21 was considered to be the age when a person became independent of all parental control.

21st party photography cake blowing out candles

A 21st birthday is seen as a significant turning point for a young adult, where they are often given a commemorative “key to the door” representing the freedom to come and go without parental supervision.

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It’s an opportunity to take the time to be recognised and celebrated among family and friends, with speeches highlighting your achievements—and sometimes your mishaps.

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At Freestyle Event photography, we are experienced 21st birthday photographers. We know it’s an important day that you will want to look back on with good photos and share with others. So while you, your family, and friends are enjoying yourselves, let us take care of your birthday photography.


We take 21st Birthday Photography seriously—but we know how to have fun! Freestyle’s photographers know how to blend into the crowd, making sure we capture the fun moments. We’ll be right there photographing your own 21st speech and we’ll make sure to capture others when they step up to the mic. We’ll slip into the background when needed but be present when you and others crack the bubbly and make a toast, and we will ensure that when you cut the birthday cake, we will capture everything on camera.

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