Yesterday we photographed the GLOBAL CITIES INDEX established and hosted by WSP. Auckland ranked 13th with cities like New York and London higher up. At the top of the list were Seattle, Stockholm and Copenhagen. Guest speaker Phil Goff said Auckland was punching above it’s weight and that it was good to have something to work towards. Housing and traffic congestion let us down.  Auckland is a rapidly growing city and our basic infrastructure – water, waste water and public transport were not up to the mark. I’m not sure if healthcare or homelessness or terrorism or crime or racism were factored on the list – if so its a wonder that cities like New York and London perform better than us. Its no surprise that Scandinavian countries rank highly – people there have a high degree of trust in their governments and are willing to pay high taxes (sometimes up to 70% of their income) in return for having a high performing, secure city and lifestyle.

As photographers we get to enjoy many interesting things at conferences – so much so that I have to remind myself to take photos and no, I’m not aloud to put my hand up and ask questions! The event was held at the Hilton.